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Step 1 - Make sure your site is eligible to join the ring.

Your site must contain content specifically concerning a version of the Commodore BASIC programming language. Here's a sample list of desired content:

Step 2 - Submit your site to the Commodore BASIC Ring.

This form submits your site to the ring queue. The ringmaster (or assistants) will either edit, add, or remove your site. You will be notified of any result.

Your Site ID number will be provided to you on the next web page displayed after your information processes successfully. If you get an error, try again.

Owner's Name:
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Step 3 - Add the ring specific html (also called ring code) to your site.

Save a copy of the images, displayed by the HTML fragment below, to your own site. Don't link to them on this site and don't link to them on someone else's site without permission. If you wish, you can use your own images instead of these, as long as they are well done. The images provided are named cbmember.gif, cbprev.gif, and cbnext.gif.

Change the location of the images in the link references of "IMG SRC=" to the correct location.

Change the Site ID number of "00" in the link references of "cbmbasic&id=00&" to be the Site ID number assigned to your site. If you fail to do this, visitors will be seeing a page that says "Error: Invalid ID!" instead of another site in the ring.

Begin HTML Fragment

Member of Commodore BASIC Ring

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Do you want to join this ring?

End HTML Fragment

Step 4 - Wait to be added to the ring.

The ringmaster (or assistants) will review the ring queue, and the ring itself, on a frequent basis. If you don't receive a notification of any kind within a week, send a message to the address at the bottom of the page. The ringmaster will personally respond.

Unfortunately, not every site that applies will be accepted for membership in the ring. You will, however, be given plenty of time to make your site acceptable. Unacceptable sites will remain in the queue for up to one month in a "hold" status. You'll be notified if your site goes into this status.

If you want to save some time, make all the necessary changes to your site (except for the Site ID number) before you apply for membership.

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