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C128 Autobooter for Easy Script

Title:C128 Autobooter for Easy Script
 Patched Easyscript word processor for autobooting in C128.
Filename:easyscript.zip (Click to download)
Language:Machine Language
Size:13419 bytes
Programmer:İlker Fıçıcılar


Patched Easyscript word processor for autobooting in C128.

Easy Script is a pretty standard word processor developed by Precision Software for the Commodore 64. This version of the software was patched to make it autobootable.

Commodore 128 has an autoboot feature. Upon power-on, it checks Track 1 Sector 0 of the diskette. If it finds a boot sector (signature is 43 42 4d 00) it loads it at $00b00 and jumps to $00b19.

This patched Easyscript disk uses this feature. The code in the boot block turns the C1571 drive into fast burst load mode, loads the Easyscript binary at $08000 and switched to C64 mode.

The versions of the Easyscript were not ready to start in this way. So I patched one clean (read not-cracked) version to make it bootable in this fashion. And, now it can be burned into eprom as well.

The code is located at $8000-$B6D0.

Starting address is $804B (32841).

The disk also contains a basic program to make additional bootable Easyscript disks. If you want to make a new Easyscript disk run this bootereasyscript program after copying the easyscript into a newly formatted disk. The program will check whether the boot sector on drive 8 is occupied. Then it will write and allocate the boot sector.

A review of the Easyscript Word Processor can be found here: http://cbm.ficicilar.name.tr/commodore/easy-script-word-processor-for-commodore-64-review

The link also has a quick reference chart for Easyscript.

By the way, if you have a Final Cartridge III, this version of Easyscript switches to FCIII Desktop upon exit (F1+Run/Stop).

Tags:Commodore 128, Easy Script, Word Processor

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