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JiffyDOS RAM V6.1a

Title:JiffyDOS RAM V6.1a
 RAM Version of JiffyDOS
Filename:jiffyram.prg (Click to download)
Language:Machine Language
Size:8673 bytes


RAM Version of JiffyDOS

This little utility loads a slightly modified version of JiffyDOS into the RAM and runs it there.

The main purpose is to imitate JiffyDOS kernal via the IRQHack64 cartridge. This cartridge loads/autoboots programs from a SDcard. This way, a C64 can be booted up with JiffyDOS without any hardware modification.

Just save this jiffyram.prg file in a SDcard. Then power up your C64 with this SDcard and IRQhack64 cartridge. Select the jiffyram.prg from the menu. Later, press its button for 4 seconds to mark it as autobootable.

Of course, it can be loaded and run standalone as well.

Tags:C64, Commodore, IRQHack64, JiffyDOS

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