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Using Filepro 64 for Keeping a List of Commodore BBSs

Title:Using Filepro 64 for Keeping a List of Commodore BBSs
 Why don't we keep the list of Commodore BBSs in our Commodore 64?
Filename:fp64bbslist.zip (Click to download)
Size:28735 bytes
Programmer:İlker Fıçıcılar


Why don't we keep the list of Commodore BBSs in our Commodore 64?

Thanks to the widespread use of C64 WiFi modems, it still is a pleasure to go online with Commodore 64 and use BBSs, even in this first quarter of the twenty first century.

However, do we know the BBSs to be connected? Now, we can find out the BBSs' connect information withing our C64 setting. Just download and unzip the

provided in this web page. Included .D64 image contains the File Pro 64 database software and related database to be used in Commodore 64.

The database contains addresses and port numbers of the BBSs to be conneccted via telnet. If you have a WiFi modem, you can first load a terminal program, such as Striketerm, and use the following command in the terminal screen to connect these BBSs:


In addition, some of the BBSs have phone/modem numbers; if you have a dial-up modem, you can connect to them via:


It is also possible to connect these BBSs through another gateway, such as a Raspberry Pi or another Linux machine. In this case, you need to use the following command in the Linux command line prompt:

telnet address port

Here, in order to find out these address port pairs of BBSs, first transfer the .D64 diskette image to a 1541 diskette or similar, then load and run the Filepro64:


Then, in the Filepro 64, press L to load the BBS database. It will ask the file name,

just type:

bbs list

and press return.

To search a BBS record, press R

Enter a few letters of the BBS name, if you don't know any, just enter A

then press left arrow key (<--)

This will retrieve the first relevant record.

To see next or previous record, press CommodoreKey+N or CommodoreKey+B, respectively.

To clear the search field, press the left arrow key (<--) again.

To return back to the main menu, press F1

To add new record(s), press A

fill the fields, and press left arrow key (<--) to register the entry into the memory. It will ask another record to be entered.

When you're done, press CommodoreKey+A to commit data to the disk.

If you want to abort the process and delete the records entered in the current session, press F1 then press Y to confirm.

I used "

" program in the disk to set new defaults (white on blue theme and CBM printer).

The user guide of the Filepro 64 database program can be found here: http://bombjack.org/commodore/applications/FilePro-64.pdf

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