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Fasthead Disk Utility

Title:Fasthead Disk Utility
 Fasthead disk utility speeds up disk head movements to improve access time.
Filename:fasthead.bin (Click to download)
Language:Basic + ML
Size:1101 bytes
Programmer:İlker Fıçıcılar


Fasthead disk utility speeds up disk head movements to improve access time.

The "fasthead" basic program is responsible to prepare "&fasthead" USR file in the disk. After execution, it will read the data statements and prepare the utility command with additional information.

If the "&fasthead" file is successfully written, you can use it with several methods and from the all available CBM OSes:


In C64 Basic v2.0 : open1,8,15,"&fasthead":close1

In DOS wedge : @&fasthead

In LUnix : disk &fasthead

In ACE : @ &fasthead

In addition to the methods above, you can execute in most of programs, by using program's "send disk command" option. Also, in order to use this fasthead utility command in 1571, you should switch 1571 to 1541 emulation mode first.

This simple command is highly effective, especially if you have lots of files in a disk.

Additional Information for LUnix:

Also you can put necessary command into the .initrc file of LUnix or ACE to make your life even easier.

For example if you are using LUnix, you can enter the following lines into the .initrc file.

First load and run the ed command from the command line shell:


then at the ':' prompt enter the file name by 'f' command

:f .initrc

Now you can enter the necessary lines into that file:


From now on you are in the text entry mode of ED. So type the following as an example:

#!@:sh0.exe disk &fasthead cbmkeyb ! sh0.exe

And, by entering a single dot '.' exit from this mode:


Now you are in the command mode again. So, type 'x' to write the file exit to command shell:


From now on whenever you load the LUnix '&fasthead' will be active if you have installed new init.exe in LUnix.

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