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C64 DTV Registers

Magic Enable Bit
$D03f bit[1] Enables VICII extensions

VICII Extensions
All bitmap colors are expanded to
8 bits per pixel when in extended mode
and high color.

$d036 ColorBankLow
$d037 ColorBankHigh
$d038 LinearModuloLow
$d039 LinearModuloHigh
$d03a LinearStartLoW
$d03b LinearStartHigh
$d03c Bit[0] LinearAddressing
1 = Linear
0 = Character

Linear addressing mode the color
address is 22 bits of
"ColorBankHigh &
ColorBankLow[7:6] &

Graphics data is 22 bits of
"GBank & LinearCount[15:0]"

Bit[2] HiColor
1 = High Color
0 = Original VIC

Modes under high color

ecm = 0
bmm = 0
mcm = 0

When Pixel = 1
COlor Memory (8 bits)
bkgnd0_color (8 bits)

ecm = 0
bmm = 1
mcm = 0

When Pixel = 1
"0000" & CharData[7:4]
"0000" & CharData[3:0]

ecm = 1
bmm = 0
mcm = 0

When Pixel = 1
COlor Memory
else if CharData[7:6]
00 bkgnd0_color
01 bkgnd1_color
10 bkgnd2_color
11 bkgnd3_color

ecm = 0
bmm = 0
mcm = 1

When Color Memory[3] = 1
When Pixel[1:0]
00 bkgnd0_color
01 bkgnd1_color
10 bkgnd2_color
11 Color Memory[7:4] &
'0' & Color Memory[2:0]
when Pixel = 1
Color Memory[7:4] &
'0' & Color Memory[2:0]

ecm = 0
bmm = 1
mcm = 1

When Pixel =
00 bkgnd0_color
01 000" & Character Data[7:4]
10 000" & Character Data[3:0]
11 Color Memory

ecm = 1
bmm = 1
mcm = 1

4 bits per pixel 160x200 mode

color_stored[3:0] &
Pixel[1:0] from B bank &
Pixel[1:0] from A bank

ecm = 1
bmm = 1
mcm = 0
when bank A Pixel = 0 and
bank B Pixel = 0
when bank A Pixel = 0 and
bank B Pixel = 1
"0000" & CharData[7:4]
when bank A Pixel = 1 and
bank B Pixel = 0
"0000" & CharData[3:0]
when bank A Pixel = 1 and
bank B Pixel = 1
color memory

$d03d GBankA[5:0]

GBankA selects graphics bank
for normal vic color mode and
lower data for high color modes.

$d03e GBankB[5:0]

Upper graphics bank
for high color modes.

DMA Controller
Source start location
$D300 Source[7:0]
$D301 Source[15:8]
$D302 Source[23:16]
bits 23:22 select memory mode
00 ROM
01 RAM
10 Ram & Registers

Destination start location
$D303 Destination[7:0]
$D304 Destination[15:8]
$D305 Destination[23:16]
bits 23:22 select memory mode
00 ROM
01 RAM
10 Ram & Registers

Steps between data reads
$D306 SourceStep[7:0]
$D307 SourceStep[15:8]

Steps between data reads
$D308 DestinationStep[7:0]
$D309 DestinationStep[15:8]

Total length of DMA
$D30a Length[7:0]
$D30b Length[15:8]

Modulo to be added or
subtracted at end of line count
$D30c Source Modulo[7:0]
$D30d SourceModulo[15:8]
$D30e DestModulo[7:0]
$D30f DestModulo[15:8]

Length off data to be accessed
before adding or subtracting modulo
$D310 SourceLineLength[7:0]
$D311 SourceLineLength[15:8]
$D312 DestLineLength[7:0]
$D313 DestLineLength[15:8]

ClearIRQ is a strobe
Write a '1' here to reset IRQ
$D31d Bit[0] ClearIRQ

Enable modulo calculations
$D31e Bit[0] SourceModuloEnable
Bit[1] DestModuloEnable

$D31f Bit[0] Start
Force start a dma access
Bit[1] Swap
Swap bytes with source
and destination
Bit[2] SourceDirection
Direction controls
('1' is positive)
Bit[3] DestDirection
Bit[4] VICIRQStart
'1' enables a dma to start
on rising edge of irq
(Must be in idle state before
IRQ start is triggered)
Bit[5] CIAIRQStart
CIA IRQ start (rising edge)
Bit[6] VBlankStart
Start on Vblank (on rising edge)
Bit[7] IRQEnable
Enable irqs to be generated when
set to '1'

$D200 - 15 Upper nibble sets Chroma
Lower nibble is luma

Hardware and Know Issues

nDMAWrite signals an external write
during DMA DMACycles. nIORD and
nIOWR are output only.

USR[7:0] port is output only due to a
synthesis error.

Pixel[7:0] are raw pixel data output
before luma and chroma lookup tables.

PS-2 data and clk are for keyboards
only. Keyboard statemachine has issues
with f7 and pressing shift at the same
time as another key.

nNMI may have slight timing problems
that cause digi playback problems.

Cartridge port signals are generated
for internal use, at the time
of this writing I have not had time to
check for inversion or timing delay
problems. (Better check before using)

IO's on the ASIC are not 5v tolerant,
so put 100ohm series resistors.

Programs with bad IRQ handlers
(Jumpman) are having problems with bits
in VICII irq register.

Expanded sprites have 1/4 pixel gap and
may have a problem with y expansion in
the left border.

VIC has small timing delays with color
update times, which causes problems
with disk throw in SummerGames.

Enjoy hacking the c64 ASIC. Jeri

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