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Commodore related videos:

Amiga The Deathbed Vigil.mpg - 324 MB
Atari 65Xe Commercial - 65Xe Computer vs Commodore C64 1986.mpg - 5 MB
Bill Shatner Commodore Commercial Vic-20 1982 Captain Jerk Star Trek Kirk.wmv - 1 MB
C128 Announcement CC Dec 1985.wmv - 1 MB
Classic Computer Commercial - Commodore Vic 20 - Ping Pong 2 (1982).mpg - 5 MB
Commercial - Atari 65XE Computer vs Commodore C64 (1986).mov - 1 MB
Commercial - Commodore Amiga - Vintage.mpg - 5 MB
Commodore 64 A Cappella.avi - 25 MB
Commodore 64 - Elephant In Boxing Ring (80's).avi - 2 MB
Commodore - Amiga600 and CDTV 3.mpg - 12 MB
Commodore - Amiga OS4 Ottawa Amiga Show 2004 Xvid-640x480.avi - 112 MB
Commodore C64 Commercial.avi - 3 MB
Commodore - Vic20 College.mpg - 5 MB
History of 8 bit Software Factory - Activision - [HQ-TVRip] zx Spectrum, Commodore, Atari, Amstrad.avi - 145 MB
History of Pac-Man - [HQ-TVRip] zx Spectrum, Commodore, Atari, Amstrad.avi - 144 MB
Jeri Ellsworth - C64 DTV Talk at Stanford University.avi - 159 MB
Real Computer for the Price of a Toy (Goldfish) (1982).mpg - 5 MB
The Commodore 64 Today.avi - 44 MB

Jeri Ellsworth on a televison news report from December 21st, 2004

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