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AT Keyboard for C64 Basic

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The stand-alone version of the AT-keyboard driver is 'at-keyb'. It is in form of a basic program, so that only you have to do is load and run.

The keycode conversion tables lay in the $c300-$c500, you can change the places of the keys by changing the values in the tables. There are four tables for different combinations (normal, shifted, C=, ctrl). And page-up key clears the screen, scroll lock sends xon/xoff, numeric keys are defined, function keys work without shift key (for F8 press F8 not shift F7). And stop-restore does not removes it. You can stop it by sys49176 but pressing restore key activates it again, so do a reset to remove it if you want.

One can use autoatkey and atkeyboard programs for a C128 boot-up with At-keyboard driver for C64 mode. That is to say, if you use autoatkey program with a proper disk, you get a boot disk for C128. Then you have to copy the 'atkeyboard' file to the same disk without changing its name. Now if you boot your C128 with this disk in, your computer switches to C64 mode with the AT-keyboard driver loaded. A good feature if you have a C128D without its original keyboard.

Note that this document is not complete. I plan to write an article about interfacing and using of an AT-keyboard.

February 21, 1998

Ilker Ficicilar


parts list

  • AT keyboard female connector. It has five ordered pin-holes.
  • Datasette port connector. If you can't find, half of an user port conn is Ok.
  • Some wire and a soldering iron...

front face views of the port and connector:

Keyboard Connector:

      /     \
     /       \
   3 Io     oI 1
     \ o   o / 
    5 \  o  / 4

Datasette Port:

   A B C D E F
   - -I- - - -

And the connections:


  D,E--1  clock line (D is used for interrupts)

    F--2   data line

That's all for the hardware.

Ilker Ficicilar
filker () newton.physics.metu.edu.tr
c068214 () orca.cc.metu.edu.tr

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