This page is about to supplement of technical information for C64/C128 hardware and software. Some of the documents are my original writings, but the others are from the varios sources, such as discussions, manuals or other computers' documents.

Communication Related

VT125 (REGIS) Screen Control Sequences : DEC REGIS VT125 Vector Graphic Vision system code definition.

CBM 1670 modem commands : This document lists the AT commands for 1200bps CBM 1670 user port modem.

ANSI X3.64 Screen Control Sequences : This documents is useful for the people who wants to write an ANSI compatible modem terminal program.

VT100 Screen Control Sequences : The description of DEC VT100 terminal key-codes for communication terminals lays here.

Using a PC from your C64 : You can learn how to prepare a PC boot disk to redirect stdin/stdout, and make a proper cable here.

CBM BBS Listing : Existing (I hope) Commodore BBSs listed here as found in c.s.c. discussions.

OS Related

GEOS Desktops : Description of available Desktops for GEOS 64 & 128. From the discussions in Usenet.

proposal for LUnix manuals : Here I proposed to use standard way of preparing manual pages for unix-like OSes, such as ACE, LUnix, and OS/A65. I coded two commands 'addman' and 'mann' to handle these man pages.


GEOcable : This is the wiring schema for using a parallel (centronics) printer with GEOS, ACE, and other gecable supporting applications.

NullModem Cables : Varios nullmodem schemas for varios platforms (it's detailed from the one in hardware section) .


MPS1200 Printer DIP Switches : You need this information, if you want to plug your mps1200 to a PC.

Dip Switches of mps1000 Printer : This little info describes the switches of mps1000 CBM printer, which is also IBM PC compatible.

VDC windowing in Basic 7.0 : This is a little basic7.0 listing for storing and recalling VDC screen of 128 to be used in Basic7.0 applications using windows or menus.

[new] Building up a C64 Tower : A project to put all the C64 stuff on your desk into a midi/high tower case.

Putting a C64 in a PC case : A small description extracted from c.s.c. discussions.

About Z80 Chip in C128 : Some descriptive discussions for the z80 in 128.

Compatibility of Jiffydos : Here is the some comments about the jiffy Dos's compatibility as discussed in c.s.c.

History of Polygonamy : Polygonamy is a 3D challange by Stephen Judd. You can find its coding history here.

Reparing (cleaning) Keyboards : This text tells ytou how to rejunvenate your keyboard.

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