C64 Basic v2.0 Software

I have added standalone AT-keyboard driver software at last.
For Basic v2.0 environment of C64. I also included others' necassary works. Programs are in binary and uuencoded forms, and there are some ascii basic listings for necessary program.

[NEW] You can use an AT-keyboard with C64 Basic now. Of course this program has some compatibility problems, but these can be solved in future.
the program : at-keyb
documentation : at-keyb.txt
uuencoded prg. : at-keyb.uue

[NEW] With these boot utility for C128, you can boot up your C128 with AT-keyboard driver loaded, but in C64 mode.
the boot utility : autoatkey
the binary driver code : atkeyboard
documentation : same info: at-keyb.txt
uuencoded utility : autoatkey.uue
uuencoded binary : atkeyboard.uue

Routines, callable from BasicV2.0, to use a Paralel Printer via GeoCable are here, it is parprint. And its
documentation: parprint.txt
basic binary: parprint.bas
basic listing in Ascii: parprint.asc
uuencoded form: parprint.uue

AT-keyboard Port Reader for BasicV2.0. It is for interfacing devices ,which are using AT-keyboard port, to C64 with Basic.
binary code: pollkeyb.bin
documentation: pollkeyb.txt
basic binary: pollkeyb.bas
basic listing: pollkeyb.asc
uuencoded form: pollkeyb.uue

If you have made the PC-Mouse Modification, you can test it with Porttest, and an interrupt version of mouse driver 'pcmice0' programs. The modification is documented here. For convinience, there are uuencoded versions: porttest.uue, and pcmice0.uue. And, basic listing of porttest for quick hacks is here.
Please note that, these programs are in alpha stage. They are not smooth in detection of movement. I couldn't make a better code. It takes too much CPU time to read signals. Anyway, check the GEOS page also, if you are interested in using a mouse with GEOS.

For offline readers, two new 80 column fonts for Qwkie are here: qwkiefn1 and qwkiefn2. You can obtain their uuencoded versions also: uuencoded qwkiefn1 and uuencoded qwkiefn2. The manual on new qwkie fonts describes how to install them.

And, this little fun program called italics converts the firmware character set of c64 into italics type by some modifications. Its manual italics.txt, and uuencoded italics is also available.

Turkce Harfler'e ait fontlardan birini burada bulabilirsiniz. Ayrica, uuencode'lanmis turkce-h ve bu Turkce harflerin kilavuzu da burada yer aliyor.

Turkce normal ve italik harfler, bu turkce-i nin uuencode bicimi, ve bu font yerlestirme programinin kilavuzu: turkce-i.txt C64 programlarinizda Turkce ekranlar kullanmak icin belki ise yarar ;-)

2nd Version of RS232 Library for Standard User Port Interfaces : The version 2 of the Commlib2 code library, is for the people who wants to make his/her own serial port applications. These routines work with the RS232 interfaces, given in my hardware pages. The documentation for Commlib2 explains the usage of it. As a side note I should say that, this library works at 4800bps on C64, and 19200bps on C128 flawlessly. Anyway, here is the uuencoded commlib2, and Commlib2 in Basic forms.

Basic loader maker : This little program named Makehex , helps you to dump a ML program into Basic form. Here is the usage of the Makehex. And uuencoded makehex, ascii Basic Makehex for the people who has only text based transfers.

Patch for 80columns program : This 80columns patch speeds up that freeware program which can be found in CBM ftp sites. The patch documentation and uuencoded 80col-patch is here also.

AT Keyboard Test Routine : A step to use an AT keyboard. After building the interface using this keyboard hooking document, you can test it with this the basic keybcheck program. It is uuencoded here keyb-check.uue. I also included atkeyb document for convinience.

FAST SEEK TIME : This little disk "&" utility code makes the 1541/71 fast when moving to another track. The executable file included here is for the commodore basic. As stated in the instructions for fasthead utility , you simply load the fasthead basic program, and run it. The program creates a "USR" type file named "&fasthead" in your current disk. You can use this utility from almost all of the operating systems available for CBM. You can get the uuencoded version and basic program in ascii here.

NEOS-MOUSE : Here I introduced some information and a driver code for Neos-Mouse for those who have this mouse but do not know how to use it. You can obtain uuencoded driver code if you want.

ED : ED is a line-based text editor for C64. I will supply the Basic v2.0 version of ED soon. Additional information about it relies in the ED documentation for LUnix . Its version is 0.1alpha, so it is not complete. What to do for the other versions is in the this to-do list . There is also a quick reference of ED in petscii . And finally the uuencoded ED and uuencoded petscii ED manual is here.

MIPS : New version: This program measures the speed of a C64 in MIPS. It is documented here and included standalone version here. Also here is the uuencoded version of mipspeed .

SPEEDY : Speedy, speeds up a C128 in C64 mode by 40%. It is documented, uuencoded , and normally included here. Also Stepphen Judd has a C128 mode version of this

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