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I have just put a HTML document for powering a C64 from PC power supply.
Wiring diagram for 1541 to PC case is also available.

Please note that, this is not new. A few people already have C64 Tower computers. Some of them are self-built, and others are bought from PPI company. And also I heard that, an electronics shop/firm makes this modification in Istanbul/Turkey. But I guess many of the towers I mentioned above use the original power supply, not the power supply of the tower case.
In my modification, I have used tower's supply for c64, 1541, and a few experimental devices. Currently I have two keyboard solution for C64 Tower. One of them uses original keyboard with some interfaces and a easy-to-find switch-box cable. The other solution uses an AT type PC keyboard. You can find these documentations in the hardware section of my web page.
To be informed correctly, please also read my answer below.

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