What's New 980621

980621 : I hope I'll supply new stuff from now on.

980621 : Turkish main page is there.

980621 : Random images with javascript

980620 : Addition of a banner.

980507 : Hardware page is updated with 1541 mem. expansion document.

980507 : Another animated gif for tower page has been put.

980505 : PC-mouse ad. is added.

980503 : Only the layout of the first page is changed.

980320 : Matrix definition of C64 keyboard is added to tower page.

980320 : One more keyboard separation document for C64 is added.

980320 : MJK's C128D keyboard for C64 document is included in Tower-Page

980317 : HTML document for connecting a C64c to PC supply is added.

980317 : I put an animated gif to advertise Tower-64 !!!

980315 : You can connect a 1541 to your C64 Tower now.

980313 : Keyboard related posts and e-mails are added to tower page.

980313 : C64 Tower Page is updated.

980313 : Arnold archive is up now. So I corrected the links page.

980311 : An old document on connecting XT-Keyboard to c64 is linked.

980311 : A true hardware solution for C64 Tower is added.

980311 : I downloaded and added to my web page a keyboard FAQ.

980311 : Three AT-keyboard document is linked to C64 Tower Page.

980311 : A link to PC keyboards web page is added.

980310 : An incomplete introduction to C64 Tower is introduced.

980310 : a few C64 tower related documents are added.

980310 : 6 more posts are added to the c64 tower page.

980308 : I added a new page named as C64 Tower Project

980221 : C64 AT-keyboard load n' run driver software is in basic pages.

980221 : C128 boot utility for AT-keyboard driver is available now.

980121 : A simple code for accessing a Parallel Printer via GeoCable for Basic is placed under Basic page.

980121 : A routine to read At-keyboard port from Basic is also placed under the BasicV2.0 page of software section

980121 : A link for osT is added. It's a new multitasking OS for C64.

980121 : Two links are deleted from the cbmlink page. They were 'Arkanix Lab' and broken Amiga Kickstart3.0 ROM links.

971027 : Documentation on modified PC-mouse is put into the hardware page.

971027 : GEOS Software page is created. It includes Input Driver for hacked PC-Mouse.

971021 : Error in the link to Gaelyne Gasson's web page is corrected.

971018 : Description of MPS1200 printer's DIP switches is in the Documents Page.

971018 : Replacement fonts for qwkie offline mail reader is now avaliable in the Basic 2.0 software page.

971018 : A font converter program for italics type is in the Basic2.0 page.

971018 : Iki yeni program yerlestirildi. Bunlar turkce harfleri C64'e tanimliyor. Programlari ISO-bilmemkaclardan once yazmis oldugumdan standard degil, ama gene de hic yoktan iyidir. (note: this entry is about the addition of two Turkish font programs.)

971011 : The moved page of Tim. Phelps is inserted. (C64 Online)

971009 : A few additions and corrections to Cbmlink Page. (Mjk's page and the CBM FTP search are added. C.Bruce's, J.Brain's and Mail Archive's links are corrected.)

971005 : I have replaced the 'commlib1' with Commlib2. This version is capable 19200bps using a standard user-port RS232 interface on C128.

970919 : A few link addition for Turkish Groups took place.

970916 : Two programs are added to Software/Basic V2.0 section. Their names are 'Commlib1' and 'Makehex'.

970613 : The documentation on how-to seperate the C64 keyboard to make C128D compatible keyboard, is placed in Hardware section.

The Past :
There are and there will be updates in hardware section. Basic V2.0 section added to the software page at last. Also, documentation page has more documents from now on. I also consider about adding a Basic 2.0 tips reference page. Seems as if it would be useful especially for beginners. New software page layout, more software, an AT-keyboard documentation, new LUnix screen driver flicktty and reordered links are the last updates. In the software page you will find many new LUnix applications. Such as a text editor, VDC screen driver, text conversion commands and many speed management applications. Furthermore, you will find their corresponding versions for other OSs' like ACE and OS/A65 .

Tower C64 related documents will be presented in the hardware section soon. But currently it only contains mainly the RS232C and AT keyboard projects. There will be rs232/parallel port interface soon also. If I have my hands on the keyboard, I'll also finish the PC-mouse driver for GEOS with some documentation about how to use it in other OS platforms.

Since I'm pinched by the time, I cannot give any promises for the release dates of my new projects. So, please forgive me about the delays. I planned to release some external memory drivers for LUnix and manual management commands. Also I have a multi serial-port project to be used with mine new terminal program for LUnix (not released yet)...(I know I gave too much promises :-) )

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Last update: June 21, 1998

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